A “Buddhist wedding” at a temple.

A wedding ceremony can be held at a temple and we call it "Butsuzen Wedding". You could vow your marriage by Buddha in the main hall. You can choose how you dress, there are Buddhist hymns and it's more gorgeous than you imagine. Would you like to hold a wedding ceremony that has history and is unique to Japan?

Question & Answer

What is the difference from other weddings?
In churches and shrines, the wedding vows are made to God, but in temples, the vows are given to the Buddha and the ancestors of both families.
What do we do during the ceremony?
We sing Buddhist hymns, chant sutra, and you exchange buddhist rosaries. You could also exchange rings or do flower showers. It’s really flexible and we could arrange based on your requests. We are happy to help you to have your original wedding!
How long does it take and how much does it cost?
It takes about an hour. The cost depends on the season and your requests, so please email us for more information.
Can I wear a wedding dress?
Yes, you can wear whatever you want.
Who takes the charge of the wedding?
The monk will deliver the couple's vows to the Buddha. (the monk himself also got married in this temple in 2018)

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